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Republic of the Philippines
Graduate School CenterUrdaneta City, PangasinanREFLECTION PAPER In
DM 214
In Partial Fullfillment
Of the requirements for the
Master in Development Management
Major in Public Administration
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1ST SEM 2013
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Strategy is the most important and highest risk activity of an organization's leadership. Whether small or large, very few organizations and leaders understand what it takes to create an effective and useful strategic plan. Terminology is often confusing, plan documents gather dust, and planning processes get bogged down without effective implementation. Too often, the result of an investment in strategic planning is an organizational cynicism and resulting detachment between the strategic plan and the day-to-day realities of the organization. (Ron Price, 2006) Strategy represents the direction for an organization and it usually includes one or more big picture destinations that are desired by the leadership. Tactics are the day-to-day operational "ways and means" an organization employs to achieve the big picture objectives. These terms are often used synonymously and it represents one of the major problems in many planning initiatives. Managers cannot effectively think strategically and tactically at the same time. In other words, every time that a strategic planning session denigrates into talking about tactical issues, the effectiveness of the strategic discussion is lost. (Ron Price, 2006) PANELCO III Vision:

We envision of becoming the outstanding electric cooperative in the Philippines with the most reliable and competitive power rate using the modern technology in providing excellent service. PANELCO III Mission:

To deliver quality service and affordable power rate for the satisfaction and delight of the member-consumers. In fulfilment of this mission and guided by the Cooperative Vision, PANELCO III shall pursue the following objectives. To provide total electrification service in the entire coverage area in the most effective and efficient manner. To improve financial viability, technical sustainability and institutional stability To enhance at all times the productivity our resources thru 5S. To provide a quality, dependable and adequate service surpassing the standards set by the electric industry. To adopt competitive rate structure which reflect the true cost of providing the desired level of electric service.To provide our employees just and reasonable compensation and benefits and give due regard to their welfare. To provide our employees with opportunities for professional growth and career advancement on the basis performance, integrity and loyalty to the Cooperative. To uphold at all times high standards of business ethics guided by the principle that the Cooperative’s interest and those of the public are complimentary ad inseparable. To fulfill with the dedication our moral, spiritual and social responsibilities To undertake, by us and through third parties and subsidiaries, activities that support and complement our operations, enhance use of our resources and contribute to the social and economic development of our country.

PANELCO III Core Values: Critical Behavioural Pattern
Leadership practice on punctuality and good work ethics
Openness among peers and between Management and Board of Directors Sincerity towards one’s action
Strict conduct of office task during office hours
Transparency of coop records and transactions
Cohesiveness among peers with the management and the Board of Directors Sincere recognition of coop employees union by the management Fair treatment to all
Cheerfulness and Cooperativeness in doings one job towards common goal. Humility
Practice of command responsibility and accountability
Observance of...
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