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By MrSubwayMan Mar 16, 2014 537 Words
No I personally do not think that the government should be allowed to have the power to regulate and control what we eat everyday or what is in the food that we eat. I believe this because if they ban all unhealthy foods then we could never have a treat such as a candy bar, chocolate cake, or even just a pie occasionally. Also they might ban someone’s favorite food. Another reason is that it is perfectly fine to have junk food and sweets as long as you have them in moderation and don’t go and eat a ton of sweets at once. I don’t think that it is right for people to tell you what you can and can’t eat; nobody should be allowed to have that much power. Also people can eat healthy or not by their choice and the government shouldn’t interfere with it. Also if they control what they eat they could make it very expensive and there would be nothing that anyone could do about it. I do however believe that the government should put up signs and facts about the negative effects of food like McDonalds or other fast food places so that people will know and be aware of what they are eating and putting into their bodies along with the consequences of doing so. Another reason is that this is supposed to be free country and not a dictator ship or a community like in The Giver where they control every little thing that you do or eat. Also in America we have the freedom of choice like choice of religion, how to dress, what jobs we want to have, and who we can and can not talk to and it would not be right if they started controlling those things starting with what we can and can not eat and consume into our bodies. What the government is trying to do which is to eat healthy is a good thing but the way they are trying to do it by controlling what we eat is completely ridiculous because if they can do that and say it is for a good cause then they could just control every little thing that makes us different and individual just by saying that they are doing it for a good cause but end up making us do things like have a curfew or assigning us jobs to reduce unemployment rates. Another thing is that the people buying the foods are adults and they have the intelligence to buy healthy foods if they want to healthy and to buy junk foods if they have no desire to be healthy and it is their responsibility not the governments. I agree with what John Stossel said about how when the government controls what it’s citizen eat it does not work and that it is taking away Americans freedom and it is taking away some of our basic rights as human beings. It goes against the bill of rights and the constitution because those two articles clearly state that we have freedoms that the government can not do anything about such as the freedom to eat what we want.

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