Topics: Black people, White people, Waldorf-Astoria Hotel Pages: 1 (365 words) Published: February 1, 2013
In the poem, ”Beale Street” and “Port Town” by Langston Hughes writes about his sexuality. In Beale Street the persona is talking about the dream that he or she was having. The dream was about a person playing dice with some other people while talking about girls. Port Town is about the persona talking to a sailor boy, telling the sailor boy to don’t leave to stay with him or her. I like these poems because the way the persona expresses their thought about the situation.

In the poem, “Sylvester Dying Bed” and “Song for a dark girl” by Langston Hughes writes about death. In both poems it talks about how someone in dying or going to go away. I believe that in the poem Sylvester dying bed Langston is trying to say that the persona is about to die in the hospital and there are people gathered around him. In the poem song for a dark girl the persona is being killed by a group of people, its opposite deaths.

In the advertisement for the Waldorf Astoria by Langston Hughes writes about a hotel advertisement for people to visit the hotel. He starts off by saying that the hotel is the best and that it has everything that a person would want as a living. He also mentions that he has the best chefs and that you won’t be disappointed with the hotel. Langston says the type of food that they have there and that this hotel is mainly for the poor that can’t afford any food for themselves.

In the poem, “Cross” by Langston Hughes writes about how the persona has a white dad ,but a black mother. In the end of the poem he says that his mother dies in an old shack and his dad dies in a fine big house. I believe that Langston is trying to say that black people are always going to be poor and that white people are most of the time going to have a lot of money to live with. I like this poem because it talks about how the 1920’s were but, eventually time evolve. Now people are equal in certain countries.
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