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By jaredmorris2135 Feb 04, 2014 717 Words

Effects on happiness as an adult when you are spoiled as a child
Let’s face it, we all want to spoil our kids and be the “cool” parent, but in reality, you are doing them no good in the long term. The kids become excessively needy, irresponsible, they show huge disrespect, and have poor relationship skills as adults. This is a huge problem in modern times.

Even though parents feel the need to treat their children like they are kings and queens, they need to learn to be independent. Children learn to be dependent on their parents for every single thing, and this means that they are never alone for any reason. When these kids grow up, let’s say when they are in college, they find themselves upset or unhappy, because when they were younger they were always taught(in a way) that being alone makes you said. This makes them believe their happiness comes from other people not themselves.

Also, when kids are spoiled, they require no real responsibility, their parents take care of them like they are a new-born the kid’s whole life. Most young-adults go into the real world irresponsible, finding themselves not capable of meeting ends meet, with no initiative of having basic responsibilities. According to “Baton Rouge Parents Magazine” children who are spoiled do not understand the concept of being a mature grown up, acquire traits such as over-spending,

gambling, obesity, and drinking habits. These habits lead into massive debt, not sustaining their health, and most of all, unhappiness.
Another major effect, caused by spoiling of the children, is disrespectfulness. Most kids are taught from a young age that you should treat others how you want to be treated, in “big grown-up words” respect. When the child is overly spoiled, they don’t learn this key factor for socialness in life. In result of this the kids: beg, whine, and try to manipulate others to get what they want all the time. If you have no respect for anyone, they won’t have respect for you, which causes the person to be unhappy because no one “likes” them. Relations with others, is not something that spoiled kids have learned. They do not give and take, they have learned to only take, take, take, and only take. They will be very ignorant about taking most of the time, thinking of themselves as better, and more deserving than everyone else. When they grow up and they continue to do the same thing, people will get tired of it eventually. This can make people frustrated over and over again. They will start losing friends left and right, and since they think this is normal to only take, they don’t make any changes. Once this has happened continuously, that spoiled man or woman is left with only themselves, which again can lead to ultra-unhappiness. Lastly, although not all of the spoiled kids turn out like this, most of them do. Parents need to start disciplining their child. The kids need to: have a bedtime, have to eat their vegetables, say yes sir and no sir, learn to be independent, and most of all, be prepped for the future and real world so when the time comes, they can be an adult that is very happy, and

thankful for how their parents raised them. The parent might feel a little harsh then, but it is what is best for the kid, for their happiness as an adult. Being strict on kids is not bad parenting, it’s actually far from it. It teaches the children many life lessons, for example: always be respectful towards people who respect you, learn to do for themselves, be responsible for their actions, and learn social skills.

In conclusion, spoiling of the kids needs to cease immediately. It is ruining the kids’ lives in the long-term, not making them more successful. It can seriously affect their happiness as an adult if they are needy as a child, irresponsible, disrespectful, and have terrible social skills as a child. In the end, happiness is the key to life, if one is not happy, they cannot be successful, at least not in their hearts.

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