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April 27, 2011
Hotel Operations and Management

Apollo Hotel
In the case of Ryan running the Apollo Hotel, I would offer him to increase occupancy because when he decided to offer a deal with the three nights for the price of two if guests were to make their reservations two months before arriving there and pay in advance and even though the deal was effective it attracted more people. By attracting more people to come and stay would have caused a dilemma due to the fact that they were only eight-two rooms and less staff on duty, it could have cost them to lose customers who are not being served at a fast enough pace. It would have also been a dilemma for the time period because when giving away more nights for less price, more customers would want to come but if you have no rooms available because you are letting people stay for more nights that could cause you to lose other customers and profit as well. To further increase the level of personal responsibility, I would suggest the employees keep working in their departments like they are supposed to but also to keep in mind that there will be times when they would need to help out in different departments due to the staff shortage. Assign them to do different things on different days to keep them busy and responsible for their assigned jobs. I would also suggest that Ryan not only focus in one area but to also look further in other areas and not live it up to whoever is in charge. I would do that because leaving it up to just one person could cause things to be done later than it’s supposed to.

I believe that employees should be cross-trained to do many tasks in a hotel because the number of personnel differs in hotels because some may be small hotels and others large hotels. This also benefits them when per say an employee who’s in charge of a particular task or department does not show up on a certain day, another employee trained to do the same task could cover up for the absent employee and run...
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