Pakistan and Policy

Topics: Culture, Nation, Philosophy of life Pages: 2 (476 words) Published: February 1, 2013
National integration is unity in diversity. It means a feeling of oneness. It implies social, political, economic, linguistic and cultural unity. It is the development of a mental climate that would help reacts in terms of oneness, irrespective of the region, language or religion of the people concerned. It means a heaven of freedom where the world has not been divided into fragments by narrow domestic wells. It is based on feeling of oneness, common ideals of life and a common code of behavior. It implies confidence in nation's future, deep sense of values and obligation of citizenship, mutual understanding and respect for the culture of different sections of the nation. Need for National Integration

National integration is the feeling that binds the citizens of a country. Its aim is to put individual's best efforts for the optimum growth, prosperity and welfare of the country as a whole. It does away with inter-state, inter-linguistic, inter-religious and inter-cultural differences. It promotes a spirit of tolerance and respect for the view-point of other cultural groups. To Kanungo, "Every country at every time needs national integration but India needs it the most." India's passing through a critical period these days. The integrity of India is in danger. Therefore Indians will have to act carefully. In India national integration is needed due to following reasons: Threat of Foreign Aggression

National integration is vital for India's survival especially at a time when the country is under the threat of foreign aggression and internally the people are divided on the basis of castes, religions, regions, communities, languages and Races For the Development of National Character

National integration is an essential element for the development of national character. These days there is lack of national character. Corruption is increasing day-by-day. We are sacrificing national interests for the sake of money. National character can be formed only when we have...
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