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  • My Philosophy of Life

    Nowadays‚ in the XXIst century people are living life of the constant pursuit for money‚ successful career‚ what is making impression that only those values are important. Than they have to stop for a while and contemplate about their life goals‚ their life philosophy. This essay will present my philosophy of life. First of all‚ the most important thing for me is my family. According to my rules‚ they are always on the first place‚ and can count on me‚ just the same like I can count on them. I

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  • Philosophy Reflection

    into the study of philosophy‚ and I can honestly say that it has had a major impact on my belief system. Many of my views have been changed and my overall view on life is much different than it was five months ago. To me‚ the two most interesting works were the Tao and The Mind’s I. The Tao describes a really interesting way of life. Of all the philosophies we’ve read‚ it is the simplest and most beautiful. Instead of scanning for hidden meanings and analyzing all parts of life‚ Laozi just tells

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  • Enhancement (Philosophy)

    Enhancement: Should cognitive enhancement be allowed? Cognitive enhancement is the improvement of one’s mental capacity and or mental attributes such as personality‚ where it is considered optional and not medically necessary (Schmidt-Felzmann‚ 2012). Enhancement is different to treatment as treatment is linked to the curing of an illness‚ whereas enhancement is merely improving an already medically healthy body or mind‚ however‚ at times it is quite difficult to draw a line between the two (Schmidt-Felzmann

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  • Philosophy "Divergent Currents of Humanism"

    Italy and Germany. Italian Humanism meant more than a break with the past‚ Italy was consumed in glorious extravagance and soon returned to agriculture and to the spirit of medieval life. Life essentially offered the Italian humanist enjoyment and creation‚ the Christian scheme gave way to a Greek morality‚ in which life was an art‚ freed from any sense of obligation. The religious interest was not very present at least we want to talk about a religion of beauty. His ideal was universal man fully rounded

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  • The Purpose of Life Is a Life of Purpose

    The purpose of life is a life of purpose Throughout my life‚ I have persevered through much pain and misfortune; however‚ instead of using my experiences as reasons for a life of retribution and reparations‚ I used these tragedies as motivation to making other people’s lives better. Growing up I witnessed my grandmother assist anybody she saw struggling or needed help. During the 17 years she was a part of my life‚ I watched her nurse back to health approximately 300 foster children‚ because

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  • 1- Explain the Differences Between Pangloss's Philosophy of Life and Martin's. How Do Each of These Characters Influence Candide?

    Pangloss’s philosophy of life is that all is for the best in the “best of all possible worlds.” This optimistic philosophy actually is the key element of Voltaire’s satire. Pangloss’s philosophy is against the ideas of the Enlightenment period. Pangloss believes that a powerful God had created the world and that‚ therefore‚ the world must be perfect. When creatures of the world‚ see something as wrong or evil‚ it is because they do not understand the ultimate good that will come out of it. Voltaire

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  • Descartes Meditations IV, And Principles Of Philosophy Analysis

    ability choose‚ i.e.‚ free will‚ and it is poor use of said free will that is responsible for human error‚ not God. In his later publication‚ Principles of Philosophy‚ he continues his vehement defense of God but includes a significant addition in that undermines this position. I will argue that although Meditations IV and Principles of Philosophy are mostly consistent‚ Descartes’ explicit statement that God willed and preordained all that is and can be renders the texts inconsistent. In order to explain

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  • My Life

    personal mission or vision statement.  We use this statement in this seminar to emphasize that your time at the UW begins with dreams and visions you hold for the life that is still ahead of you.  We ask you to write a mission statement that is reflective of who you are and what your sense of calling‚ purpose‚ vocation‚ or meaning of life.  Mission statements are helpful for many reasons‚ but primarily they are used as a tool to encourage you to consciously reflect on who you are and what you are doing

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  • The Value to Life

    The Value to Life; Society vs. Self     Today‚ our society assigns the value to human life based on which life is actually more appealing to them. In other words‚ society places a price tag on a man’s life. A person is judged by society on the value of their life based on certain factors and aspects that are irrelevant. People realize the true value to their lives when they are in encounter with situations that may take it away. And because the value of life is so precious‚ society should determine

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  • Purpose of Life

    PURPOSE OF LIFE Are you really contented with your life? Do you even know the real purpose of life here on Earth? What is your purpose for waking up everyday? Why can you hear‚ see‚ smell‚ talk and think? What are you here for? Every life here on Earth has their own purpose of existence. The plants‚ they play a huge role on maintaining the cleanliness of our planet and the air we breathe. The animals‚ they serve as our food and source of life. But us humans‚ do we know our purpose? Of course

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