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Shine: Meaning of Life and Human Condition

the need for companionship, the unbroken human spirits and human's tendency to reflect on the past. From these human conditions, scenes in Shine and use of camera techniques we learn how to approach situations and downhills in life and to rediscover and give purpose to life rather than give up and accept defeat. David's isolation and loneliness started from when he was a child, always pushed into the limelight but gaining no real support nor affection from either parents. The loneliness is by...

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Historical Antecedents, Their Effects on Education from the Philosophical Points of View

points of view Discussant : Rosalyn A. dela Cruz Professor : Dr. Ceferina M.P. Taringting Date : July I.INTRODUCTION • The Place of Philosophy in Educatiuon Education is an offshoot of philosophy and psychology .The true function of philosophy is to give an individual a critical outlook upon life’s real values and upon human conduct. Philosophy has also for its purpose the analysis and clarification of human actions and aims, problems and ideals. It is a dynamic enterprise that aims to...

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Candides Journey

Pangloss and Martin, taught him very important philosophies about life, questioning Candide, if he believes them and if he will follow them or not. Throughout Candide’s childhood he is nurtured with the philosophy of “everything is for the best”. Mastor Pangloss exemplifies Leibniz’s philosophy of optimism. This philosophy focuses on the idea that everything happens for a reason and this world must be the best of all worlds. During Candide’s life he related the idea of “everything is for the best”...

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Grendel's Self Discovery

Joshua George Self-Discovery/Philosophies Throughout the novel Grendel goes back and forth between the two beliefs nihilism and existentialisms. Through the journey of figuring out the belief in life, he struggles for being a cultural outsider. Gardner makes it tough for Grendel to make a decision because just like Grendel there are other cultural outsiders like the Dragon who shares his philosophy with him. Philosophies of life have a wide variety for people to choose from like in Grendel by...

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Literary Analysis on an Excerpt from A Summer Life

Valentine GT English 5 September 25, 2013 Literary Analysis on an Excerpt from A Summer Life When people are faced with the problematic decision between right and wrong, and have chosen the wrong decision, they often battle the guilt that eats away at them afterwards. In an excerpt from his autobiographical narrative, A Summer Life, Gary Soto looks back into his past when six year old self committed a theft. He achieves a humorous telling of the story due to the new perspective that he has...

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How Values Affect Decisions in Personal and Professional Life

How Values Affect Decisions in Personal and Professional Life Shaundrea Sager University of Phoenix Abstract Many people have a set of core values, either personal, organizational, or cultural, that help guide his or her life, and that assist him or her in making decisions in their everyday existence. Most of my decisions are based on how they will affect my family, me, and my career. My family is the key factor in any decision I make. I have to consider what influence my...

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Hamlet: Don't Leave This World Without a Fight

There comes a point in life when we ask ourselves the real meaning of our existence. There is a feeling of emptiness inside that never goes away, even when we try to fill it with answers and concepts. These questions have to do with our awareness of death, and it is also a confrontation with the meaninglessness of life in general. This philosophy is knows as existential angst and The New Oxford American Dictionary defines it as, “philosophy concerned with existence, especially human existence as viewed...

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The Essence of Life Through the Eyes of an Existentialist (Moral-Philosophical Approach)

Each of us has probably been through the best and worst things life could have. Some may have dealt with their life in a smooth-sailing way, shaking hands with problems just like friends who come and go; always wearing that big smile throughout the day and feeling like their everyday lives have always got what’s in store for them. On the other hand, some may have bonded and experienced the peak of distress, confusion and resentment that led them to realize the pointlessness of living and sometimes...

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Philosophical Strain in the Works of Joseph Addison

existence of that person. Addison talks mocks the so-called heroic poems by saying that the heroes are glorified and given sounding names so that they may eventually get killed and people brand their deaths heroic. Here, we see find a reference to the philosophy that the act of war is meaningless and that there is nothing great or heroic at all that can be associated with it. It only brings death and destruction and no real glory to boast about. In the brief second paragraph, Addison compares the lives...

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Rethinking Our World

on logic, linguistic meaning & verifiable facts Help us do: * Think more clearly * Be precise in what we mean * Spot hidden assumptions & dishonesty in all forms of propaganda Can’t help us with: * Moral problems * Life choices * Facing own mortality * Seeing the people we love suffer * Our own suffering Logical symbolism & argument: * Arrive at the basic structure of truth * Process is facilitated by representing objects & relationships...

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