Rip Van Wrinkle

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Unit: Creating an American Mythology
As a nation matures, it begins to develop its own national mythology—a body of stories that reflect and celebrate the nation's ideals. A national mythology helps unite the people of a nation and enables them to see themselves as members of a distinct and unique culture. An important part of a national mythology is literary work that highlights the nation's values and ideals, celebrates its heroes, and commemorates its defining events. In this unit, you will examine several works that helped give rise to America's national mythology. You will explore their characters, their themes, and how they portray the United States. In the decades following the Revolution, American literature was still young, but—like the nation itself—it was evolving into something unique. A major part of that evolution was the creation of a specifically American mythology, a mythology that celebrated America's unique attributes and values.

Read “Rip Van Winkle” by Washington Irving


A Quick Summary of the Story

Reading Strategy for Rip Van Winkle
For this story, we are going to annotate using STOP & JOT.

So how does this work? SIMPLE!
1. Log into your text. At the end of each paragraph, select the note icon 2. When you see the box appear, type in the MAIN POINTS from the paragraph


3. When you have completed your note, select SAVE.
4. Read and repeat this process throughout the entire story.

Myths have 4 common traits:
1. Exaggerated Character:
a character that has behavior that is beyond believable or realistic. 2. Magical Events:
an event in a story that cannot possibly be true or real (perhaps even mystical).
3. Positive Message:
language that demonstrates that American is strong, resourceful and a place of endless possibilities.
4. Remote Setting:
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