PAD 515 Assignment 1

Topics: Barack Obama, John McCain, Democratic Party Pages: 2 (376 words) Published: April 27, 2014
Discussion 1a
“Young public leaders are usually less effective because they have so little experience.” Take a position on the statement, and state your position. Answer
I do not believe public leaders are less effective due to their youth. Typically, young leaders bring a sense of newness and hope of change to the public sector. They are more prone to studying their predecessors and expounding only upon what ideas worked, rather than continuing a legacy of past leadership. Moreover, young leaders’ lack of experience can be substituted by their willingness to learn from an older mentor, collaborating with others, and not having a me first leadership mentality ( O'Connor, 2011). Discussion b

Support your position with three examples from the public sphere. Answer
The most obvious effective young public leader is President Barack Obama. During his first tenure, he brought a strong passion for change and unity. He desired to prove to his constituents that their vote mattered, and refused to take office to sustain a régime. His young leadership broke the dividing lines of race, economic class, and age; something his older opponents could not do. This methodology caused him to win Commander in Chief for two terms. In a Gallup poll done in July of 2008, 23 percent of Americans say John McCain's age would make him a less effective president were he to win in November ( Newport, 2008). Another great example of effective young leadership is Hugh Evans. He launched The Global Poverty Project, which is committed to ending extreme poverty (Howard, 2012). Evans throws big awareness campaigns like the Global Citizen Festival in Central Park, where people had to take "actions" online, like tweeting about poverty or watching educational YouTube videos–to earn points that could be redeemed for tickets to the festival (Howard, 2012). Evans’ age gives him the natural ability to seek social change in today’s society through social media; a tool that is now most effective....
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