Pad-505 Budget Request

Topics: Police, Crime, Criminology Pages: 4 (1394 words) Published: June 23, 2013
Budget Request: Hiring New Officers in the Community.

Garland B. Dunlap

PAD 505

Dr. Popejoy

1.Include at least two (2) robust justifications for hiring new police officers. The justification should anticipate the key questions that the chief executive and council will likely ask. a. If this request is the result of an increased workload, how quickly did the workload increase? Could the increased workload be covered by part-time employees or by shifting employees from another area? b. How long have you known this need was developing? Was the manager previously briefed on the growing workload? c. If the request is not funded, what impact will it have on the department? On citizens? (Hint: If your request is not funded this year, managers often look to see if a request is repeatedly put forward to gauge its urgency.) The present police force include thirty uniformed officers, there is an immediate need to hire three to five more officers. The many of the citizens in this city have observed crime in the downtown area is rising rapidly. With a population of over 75,000 residents in the community, I strongly encourage increasing our police force to offset of crime rate in the community. For every police office there are 2500 citizens at that ratio we are definitely under manned. The budget while important cannot be the determining factor. Our officers must know that we support them as a department and want them to be apart of their families lives. Much of the data from my department show no increase of crime rate however we cannot substaine control of this amount of population without adding to the force. With many veterans returning home from the wars we should be able to get qualified applicants. When hiring these types of talents there will be less money in the training of the individual and more concentration on the duty of the officer saving the community more money. This request will be justified as an increase in crime and workload has...

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