Budget Request

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Preparing a Budget Request
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Preparing a Budget Request

As the chief of police for the Newport News Police Department, I wish to request three to five additional police officers for the City of Newport News. Currently there are 75,000 residents and the city is experiencing a population growth of 3 and 5 percent per year. This accounts for approximately 3,000 more people per year. Our city’s tax base is 60 percent residential or vacant land zoned residential, 30 percent commercial and 10 percent industrial. The City of Newport News currently has 30 uniformed officers and 12 support staff. Based on that number it is approximately 1 police officer per 2,500 people and our support staff is spread thin throughout the city. Justification One

One reason for the need of additional police officers is because as the population increases the need for public safety increases. It is perceived that the more people you have in a city the more likely crime will increase. With the population growing at approximately 3,000 people a year, the city of Newport News will need to keep up with the possible criminal safety demands of a growing city. In order to maintain this safety, it is recommended that additional police officer be hired to maintain the current ratio.

Justification Two
Another reason for the need of additional police officers is traffic patrol. With a significant growth in residents comes the increase in drivers and miles traveled which, leads to a higher risk in traffic accidents. There were more than 23,000 crashes during 2010 in the New port News Area. That's an average of 63 crashes per day and 23 per minutes. There were 84 fatalities in 2010 and of those, 57 percent of people killed were not wearing seat belts. Additional police officers detecting the use of seat belts, drinking and driving...
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