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Topics: Epidemiology, Health, Sexually transmitted disease Pages: 4 (1345 words) Published: October 13, 2013
Patterns of ill health can be collected by different sources such as, World Health Organisations (WHO), the government, regional and local studies such as graphs and Public Health Observatories such as the Health Protection Agency (HPA). 'World Health Organisations were set up on the 7th April 1948 to response to an international desire for a world free from diseases' Health and Social Care Book 2. The aim of the World Health Organisation is to make sure people have the highest possible level of health. Some of its responsibilities are to improve and strengthen the health services, making sure there is information in the field of health and to try and improve nutrition, housing, sanitation and working conditions. The government collects information on policies for example the national drug policy gives information about substance abuse, the policy states that with obesity rising it will influence the policy on nutrition. Between 1993 and 2009 there has been a significant increase into the proportion of the population who have became obese, studys show that this proportion of people has increased from 13% of men in 1993 to 22% in 2009 and from 16% of women in 1993 to 24% in 2009. www.poverty.corg.uk

The graph above show that 22% of working-age people are now obese.  This is a much higher proportion than 20 years ago: in 1993 the proportion was 14%.  Most of the increase occurred in the period 1993 to 2001, with little change since then. Looking at local and regional reports is important as they produce information covering all parts of ill health and give an idea of what is happening with the population in different parts of the world. Using regional reports, we are able to compare results and find if a problem is higher in some part of the world than another. Epidemiological studies are studies that looks at one area in detail such as looking to cancer and seeing if there are any common factors that all people with cancer have, by doing this it could help...

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