World Health Organization

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World Health Organization
The World Health Organization (WHO) is the principal agency responsible for providing guidance and authority on global health matters within the United Nations System. WHO was founded in 1948, by Chinese physician Szeming Sze (1908–1998), Norwegian physician Karl Evang (1902–1981), and Brazilian physician Geraldo de Paula Souza (1889–1951), they proposed the formation of an international health organization in 1945 at the United Nations Conference on International Organization in San Francisco, California. Its constitution was ratified on April 7, 1948, from then on that day is celebrated as World Health Day. There are 194 member nations of the WHO, the organization admits all sovereign nations to complete membership and it admits not self-governing territories to secondary membership. WHO organizational structure consists of its headquarters based in Geneva Switzerland, six regional offices located globally, and 147 individual country offices. The structure is devised so that headquarters centers its effort on more general health matters that affect the world, while regional offices concentrates on local health issues and cooperate with the local government its is situated in. WHO is directed by representatives within the World Health Assembly. A 34-member executive board and a secretariat headed by a director-general oversee the WHO through their membership in the assembly. Furthermore, there are six regional committees that focus on health dilemmas in Southeast Asia, the Eastern Mediterranean, the Americas, Africa, the Western Pacific, and Europe. According to WHO’s health policy, its has four main purposes: to provide global leadership in area of health; to establish international health standards; to collaborate with governments in consolidating their health programs; and to expand and advance health related technology, information, and standards around the world. One of the many issues the WHO is focusing its resources on is on...
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