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Topics: Indigenous Australians, Culture, The Culture Pages: 2 (832 words) Published: June 4, 2015
The poetry of Judith wright shows that an Australian Cultural identity is complex and hard to define as she expresses her personal strung;e tp develop a true and individual cultural identity. A cultural identity is a persons sense of belonging to particular group or environment with resinates with their nationality, ethnicity, generation, religion and any kind of social groups that has its own distinct culture. Many of wrights poems wish as “Niggers Leap New England” and “Bora Ring” highlight the personal guilt wright feels towards the displacement and dispossession of Aboriginals by her ancestors, as a fifth generation Australian. Many of the literary techniques of these poems reveal her self-association with the Aborigines’ love and respect for the land and her struggle to share that kindred connectives with nature. Judith Wright feels her home, which she loves, is not truly hers, having been claimed at the expense of another’s cultural identity, and so struggles to develop her individual cultural identity with a clean conscience.

The aboriginal culture and way of life revolves largely around their connectivity with the land because of their originally nomadic and tribal lifestyle. “Niggers Leap New england” expresses their loss of this identification with the land, because of their culture physically dying with them. The personification of the crops in the line “black dust…crops ate” symbolises the British ways of life, such as their farming, destroying the Aboriginal culture, represented by the black dust. The dust has a dual meaning and also represents the ashes of the deceased. “their blood channelled our rivers” is a metaphor of the Aboriginals having original ownership of and a deeps connection with the land. there is also a duality in this metaphor using the imagery of blood to symbolise the horrific treatment of Aboriginals that caused their dying culture. The repetition of “only” in “Bora Ring” reflects Wrights thoughts of sorrow for the small...
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