Overview of Garments Industry in Bangladesh

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First we feel great gratitude to my god to perform my task in time and successfully. We feel very happy to inform you that, after doing a hard work, we finally done our report on Human Resource Management. We would like to give hearted thanks to our honorable teacher MS. Sabnam jahan to give us this opportunity to prepare an assignment on a nice topic, which is closely related with HRM.

The authors express their sincere gratitude to the authority of Daffodil International University (DIU) sanctioning this assignment.

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1) Receptions of applications: The “X” garments call for applications to the interested candidates through the various media. It usually in newspaper and internet. So, when candidates apply to the “X” garments then the employment department primarily received the applications and maintain proper step to store that.

2) Initial screening: In this step the applications which is received is justified according to the required qualifications for the job post. If the qualifications match with the predetermined qualifications then applications is accepted but if the required qualifications doesn’t match with the predetermined qualifications then the applications are rejected. A list of accepted applicants is made and disqualified applicants are deducted.

3) Filling the applications blank: After primary acceptations the applications blank is sent to the qualified applicants. This form is prepared by this “X” garments and the form is filled up by the applicants. This form includes such matter, so matter, so that education qualifications, skill, social status and the works of applicants can get. This method is helpful to select the best qualified employee.

a) Identification: It includes name of the applicants, applicants parents, present and permanent address, date of birth, telephone number, nationality etc

b) Personal Information: Martial status, number of dependent persons, sex, height, weight etc.

c) Education: General and technical qualifications, qualification out of education.

d) Experience: Professional qualification, facts about past employment etc.

e) Memberships, awards and interest.

f) Salary expectation

g) References

4) Employment test and interview: Employment test includes written test and oral test. In this step candidates are needed to appear in written, oral or both test. The applicants who are passed from the written tests call for interview. Very often this garment selects the employees through only the interview process. Additional information is collected through interview tests. For this purpose a board in formed. A place is determined for taking the interview from the applicants. Different sides of applicantts are justified through the interview. Intellectual ability, skill. Expressing power. Personal characteristics, attitudes, working ability are justified. Through the interview it can be predicted that the candidate will be selected. Applicants can get information about salary, work environment, working condition and other facility etc.

5) Psychological test: To select the best employee the Psychological test is arranged. Intellectual ability, tendency, interest, personality, motivation nature, is justified through Psychological test. It is something quantitative. Through the intellectual test the mental ability and power of perception are measured. Through the tendency test the tendency for work is measured. And through the personality test the mental frame, self-confidence, emotional balance, temperament, motivation etc are measured. Psychological test can compare among the applicants and through this test the best qualified employee can be selected. This...
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