Over 10 Million People Visit Dubai in the Year. Dubai Has Beautiful Places.

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Over 10 million people visit Dubai in the year. Dubai has beautiful places. It has evolved in the last 10 years. If you want to go to it, you will have to sit for 10 days because it has a different places. Dubai is interesting because it has khalifa tower, many malls and luxury hotels.

First,tower Khalifa of the most famous places in the world. It characterized remarkable design. it stands 2,717 ft (828 m) high and it has 160 floors. It has the best hotels and restaurants in the world. People enjoy watching the dancing fountains around the tower. The famous actor Tom Cruise as the Tower Khalifa. In 2010, Khalifa Tower enter history the longest tower in the world.

Second,when people want to go to shop, people should go to Dubai. Dubai has many malls and stores Such as Dubai mall and Emirates mall. The Dubai Mall is the largest mall in the world by an area of 56,000 m. It has a 1400 stores and 150 International Restaurants.It has a playground for the ski and the largest fish basin in the world. If you want to know where the largest gold mall in the world is, you will find in Dubai Mall. Dubai Mall visitors are 30 million a year. People prefer to shop in Dubai because it is the city shopping.

Third,if a person wants comfort and hygiene, recreation and luxury, the person must go to the hotels in Dubai. Hotels are beautifully designed. they have special services and unique. They have great views and fabulous beaches. Famous people have live in Dubai hotels such as Oprah Gail Winfrey. Person is comfortable and happy in Dubai hotels.

In conclusion, anyone who goes to Dubai is happy. Dubai now is of the most famous cities in the world. Dubai has the amazing places such as the Tower Khalifa. It has the best brands and fashion Mall and gold. People like to live in because its hotels .It has a comfort and recreation.
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