Informative Speech Outline

Topics: United Arab Emirates, Dubai, Burj Al Arab Pages: 4 (803 words) Published: April 25, 2012
Alissa Jarrar
Informative Speech
Prof. Dorsey

Topic: Dubai
General Purpose: Tourism
Specific Purpose: Attractions, Malls and Hotels

I. Introduction
A. Attention Getter- Who has ever been to New York City? Who has ever been to Las Vegas? Who has ever been to Miami? Who has ever seen pictures of these places? What if I told you there was another place just like all these places on the other side of the world. Does anyone know of the city of Dubai? It is exactly like New York City, Las Vegas and Miami in one. Dubai’s city is amazing. B. Thesis- Today I would like to inform you about some of the amazing places and things Dubai’s city has, such as their main attractions, malls and astonishing hotels.

In a 2006 times magazine article, “Inside Dubai Inc.” by Daren Fonda, “Dubai's economy is the healthiest in the Middle East, growing at a 16% annual clip and diversifying well beyond oil (which accounts for just about 6% of GDP), Dubai is embracing Tourism as a means of profit”.

Transition: First, I would like to explore some of the various attractions Dubai has to offer.

II. Attractions

A. Dubai’s Beaches
1. Dubai's main beaches run along Jumeira Road, it is one long beach divided up by hotels and private clubs. 2. Beaches have soft white sand that slip into the shallow warm turquoise waters of the Arabian Gulf. B. Dessert Tour

1. 4-wheel drive through the dessert in the sand dunes of the Arabian peninsula C. Palm Islands
1. Said to be visible from the moon, the largest manmade islands in the world 2. Number of hotels as well as private residences on island- Atlantis 3. Tom cruise and David Beckham have villas

D. The world Islands
1. The shape of the world on 300 offshore islands
E. Burj Khalifa
1. Tallest man made structure in the world.
2. Over 828 meters (2,716.5 feet) and more than 160 stories 3. Able to build more stories on top if needed to stay...
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