Topics: India, Globalization, Working class Pages: 2 (591 words) Published: November 6, 2013
1. What are the benefits and costs to US companies from outsourcing?  The benefits for US companies are cheaper wages and workers. This allows US companies to function at all hours of the day as well, when someone from India will be on call 24/7 a day. Lower the US Company’s bottom line is always number one here and if they can get the same service in India as they do in US at half the cost, anyone would take that chance. With technology advancing so rapidly US companies have found a way to become worldwide with very little structure needed outside the US. The cost of course is the US workers resentment to this outsourcing movement. US workers feel like jobs entitled to them are now being shipped overseas and this causes all sorts of frustration here in the US. This is a push to a global market, where companies will simply use the best talent at the right price.  1. How has the movement of jobs to India affected India’s young workers? How have their lives changed?  The movement has put a lot more cash into the hands of young workers. They have much more freedom as well because of the disposal cash and disposal time from working at nights. They always admired the American way of life they saw on TV and now they are able to live it. The culture has changed as well. Indian families are very loyal and structured, but as the young workers are starting to make money and more money than their parents they are leaving behind a lot of traditions- good and bad.  Young workers lives have become very Americanized.

1. What are some of the critiques of outsourcing and globalization among some people in India?  Biggest critique is that outsourcing and globalization are causing Indians to lose their heritage. The family bond as stated before is very important to hold India’s culture together, but these things may tear them away and India doesn’t have the advantages as many other western civilizations. In America we have social security and Medicare, but in rural and not yet...
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