Insourcing and Outsourcing of Companies

Topics: Family, Customer service, India Pages: 2 (643 words) Published: February 28, 2010

Nations economic growths have rapidly emerged over the past decades. India is the leader in most global markets due to outsourcing white collar jobs. Workers in other countries like India do many different things such as tutoring, checking baggage, and x-rays for cheaper prices than here in the US, often with better results. Over half of the US jobs are going to India because of insourcing and outsourcing of companies. Majority of our customer service calls are being answered by foreign countries. Rwanda is one of the fastest growing places, due to outsourcing and have grown to 1.6 million over the last decade. The secret is BPO. Many women have joined the work force and have become head of the households. BPO have tripled in size also have different workforces to chose from due to inexpensive educated labor such as insurance, customer service, and travel reservations. This workforce is cutting the cost of back office work by 50% from major companies in the US. BPO started with a hand full of people, today the numbers have grown to over 17,000 worldwide. This culture has learned to speak English in rapid numbers. The advancement of speaking many different languages gives India a huge advantage for American jobs. Many are becoming middle class and are changing the face of the country. Most of these workers are women. Doctors and other professionals have quit their jobs to work for 1-800-India. They are making more money now than they were making as doctors. Americans earn up to 10 times more than other countries but India are among the best paid groups. Before, India knew no value of the credit card but were thought to help Americans with their line of credit. These professionals take pride in customer care because this is their way to a good life. For every outsourcing job there are at least two more jobs created such as security and construction. Shopping has also become a way of life for the younger generation, being...
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