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Topics: Censorship, Democracy, Freedom of speech Pages: 1 (389 words) Published: April 21, 2015
OUTLINE for “Freedom of Opinion and Expression”
Thesis Statement: Although it has been argued that censorship is a necessity for the protection of the society, censorship should not be practiced since the governing authorities will abuse it, the free flow of ideas will be hindered, and censorship does not really protect children.


It is commonly argued that censorship is necessary for the protection of national security, yet media censorship serves only to help those in power manipulate the public.
A. the necessity of censorship for the protection of national security -protection of sensitive information
a. military secrets
b. matters involving national sovereignty
B. censorship serving only those in power
1. censorship in authoritarian countries
-receiving biased or distorted information and becoming accustomed to hearing one-sided reports
-North Korea (“10 Most Censored Countries”, 2006)
2. censorship in democratic countries
- hushing up forbidden subjects
- the death of Princess Diana


Another argument commonly advanced in favor of censorship is based on the assumption that public do not always know what is right and what is wrong which necessitates a filtration mechanism, but these efforts impede free flow of ideas.

A. the necessity of censorship as a filtration mechanism
1. censorship as the only way to protect privacy
-controlling speculation about certain people or events
2. the need for an arbitrative authority to safeguard societal standards - preventing plagiarism
B. censorship being invalid and unethical
1.freedom of speech being a main principle in democracies
2. control of media by large corporations
- selecting only news pleasing to major advertisers (Phillips & Harslof, n. d.)


Other frequently heard arguments in support of censorship are related to protecting children against obscene, violent and immoral content still, morality is not for the government to interfere with. A. the need for government...
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