Outbound Sector

Topics: Travel agency, Tourism, Tour operator Pages: 2 (517 words) Published: March 19, 2011
P3: Provide examples of organizations in the travel and tourism industry and explain their roles (P1)

Outbound Travel and Tourism Organizations
Outbound tourism, for example, is when a family of three from Bradford, travel to Greece, Rhodes for a relaxing, well-needed holiday. Travelling out of the UK, to another country, defines Outbound Tourism

Tour Operator
A tour operator is a company that plans out a holiday for a family Examples:
• Thomas Cook
• First Choice
The role of tour operators is to plan out a holiday for a family; they do this because they want to provide a suitable holiday, worth the money of the customer, because their aim is to make a profit. The sector that Tour Operator falls under is the Private Sector, because their main aim is to make money off the customers they serve.

Travel Agents
A Travel Agent is someone or a company that sells or arranges trips or tours for customers Examples:
• Multiple – travel agencies which have a large chain of branches, an example of this the Cooperative Travel • Independent – small, private businesses that have one or a small number of travel agencies, an example of this is Howards Way Travel Centre The role of travel agencies, are to give advice and sell and administer the bookings for a number of tour operators The sector that Travel Agents falls under is both the Private and the Public service, because they have aims to make a profit, and to provide services for there customers.

Transport Providers
Transport Providers, is what it says in the title, they provide transport. Examples:
• P&O Ferries
• Eurostar – Rail
• Eurotunnel
• British Airways:
1. Long Haul – an imprecise term meaning flights longer then three to four hours 2. Short Haul – an imprecise term meaning flights shorter then three to four hours The role of transport providers is to provide services to other countries The sector that Transport Providers falls under is both the Private...
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