Oscar S Labor Day Essay

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Oscar Bravo
English 2
Labor Day
Coming home from work late at night stressed out and tired. You come in and you’re in a bad mood so you ignore your kids because all you really want is some sleep to get ready for another day of working late. People should really complain to their boss about having a no work day, cut hours or at least ask for a better pay because they get paid very little for working such long days. In this essay I will explain why people should stand up to their boss about relaxation time and why they shouldn’t stay quiet being thankful for having a job that they’ve earned.

People spend thirteen years just getting a high school diploma and only to get job that pays very little. Others spend two or more years to get a college degree and more years to get a degree in what they love. In the process they spend a lot of money and most people end up in jobs that get paid a little less than for what they paid for. People that choose to drop out of high school end up working in a low end job or with no job at all, some graduate high school and decide not to go to college. I see people out in the streets begging for money when they should really be going out looking for jobs. People that go to college can get recommended by their professors to another business owner and they get their job that way.

When you receive an offer to go to work for someone they, most of the time, take the offer. They work for them for more than two years and haven’t received a raise, I think that’s unfair. It’s their fault for not speaking for themselves and that’s one of the problems of society. If people do not speak for themselves, they will not get what they ask for. A raise and, or a day off is really what people need. Labor Day is a day where workers can relax and should not have to worry about working, but since the economy unemployment is going up because people don’t want to work these long hours.

Working hard can be stressful and most people...
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