Ornamental Plants Nursey

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Ornamental Plants Nursey

Ornamental plants are plants that are grown for decorative purposes in garden and landscape design projects. Many people love to grow ornamental plants in their garden because ornamental plants have a kind of soothing effect, which help people to be relaxed when growing and taking care of it. In this business plan, we are going to grow ornamental plants from seed until big enough to be sold inside a greenhouse. The purpose of using greenhouse is to speed up the growth of ornamental plants. When the plants are ready to be sold, we could sell it to retail seller all over the city, or directly to the customer. For investment opportunities, we try for rising the rare and exotic plants, which has high value and focused market segment. These plants include bonsai and many kind of orchids. So the investor maybe have big opportunities will invest for our company, because we already set the target of our marketshare..

Preliminary Screening
Realistically, in order for a product idea to lead to a succesful venture, it must meet the following four requirement: -An adequate present market
-A predicted potential growth market
-Competitive cost of production and distribution
-Low risk in factors related to demand, price and cost
Those requirement will be explained below.
Present Market
Ornamental plants always have demand, either these demands from civilian, enterpreneurs, or even government agencies. NoIndicatorsRating
1Market size (number of potential customers) 8
2Product's relation to need6
3Strength and dominance of competition8
4Quality-price relationship compared to competitive products8 5Service requirement6
6Availability of sales and distribution system6
7Sales effort required8
8Export possibilities9
9Average Data7.375

Market Growth Potential
Market growth in this line of business is very good. There is growth in demand of ornamental plants, especially for government agencies.

1Projected increase in number of potential customers10
2Projected increase in need9
3Increase in customer acceptance7
4Product newness and design protection3
5Economic trends (favorable to increasing consumption)7
6Social or political trends (favorable to increasing consumption)6 7Competitive adventage6
8Average data6,8571429

Cost will be mainly in price of the seed, because we target rare plant such as anthurium.

1Cost of raw material inputs8
2Labor costs6
3Distribution costs (e.g., excessive transportation, handling)7 4Selling Costs9
5Efficiency of production processes8
6Service, warranty, and customer complaint costs8
7Patents and licenses7
8Average data7,5714

Risk in this line of business is crop failure, changes in customer behaviour and trends. To anticipate, we will always monitor trends in ornamental plants. No
1Market stability in economic cycle7
2Technological risks5
3Import competition9
4Size and power of competitors8
5Quality and realibility risks (unproven design)6
6Predictability of demand5
7Initial investment costs6
8Vulnerability of inputs (supply and price)9
9Legislation and controls5
10Time required to show profit8
11Inventory requirements4
12Seasonal demand4
13Exclusiveness of design6
14Average data6,3076

Cummulative Data
Present market7,315
Market growth potential6,8571
Average rating7,0128

Because cummulative data is more than 5 ( >5) so this businiss is feasible in other word this businiss idea can continue the process .

Prefeasibility Study

1.Market Description
We choose niche market because we focused for selling the ornamental plants for people who is like or have hobbies to has or like buy the ornamental plants, we focus to some hotel too because usually many of hotels must be have ornamental plants on...
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