E-Commerce Essay

Topics: Marketing, Floristry, Flower Pages: 4 (1303 words) Published: August 21, 2011

Among the Orange County on-line florist markets, Soft Touch Flowers has launched its website in this growing industry. However, despite the high growth, the competition in Orange County is stiff as the main competitors such as Everyday Flowers, Vissers Florist, OC Flowers, Capri Flowers, etc…occupy the market. Therefore, Soft Touch Flowers needs better effective business strategies to stand up and be strong in this complicated competition from the existing on-line flower shops. The focus of this paper is to outline three main disadvantages which include website environment, market competitions and consumer’s demand which Soft Touch Flowers has experienced for the past year in its e-commerce business. To overcome this difficult time, especially in current economic crisis, recommendation to Soft Touch Flowers will also be discussed.

Soft Touch Flowers - A New Way to Success
The high growth rate versus the tough competition of floral markets in Orange County leads to problem statement which is “How can Soft Touch Flowers successfully plan a marketing strategy for its own business?” The purpose of this essay is to describe and analyze the three disadvantages that the business has experienced in the past year. The first disadvantage is website environment. It is the variable showing the attractiveness of the website to the customers. The more secure the site is, the better trust that clients put into the business. The fewer barriers in legal and culture, the higher the market’s attractiveness is. The reason for customer not to do an online purchase at Soft Touch Flowers website is lack of trust. When a customer has an experience with a seller who provides good service, that customer begins to trust the seller. When a customer has multiple good experiences with a seller, that customer feels loyal to the seller. Thus, the repetition of satisfactory service can build customer loyalty, which can prevent a customer from seeking alternative...

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