Business Plan Sakae Sushi

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Table of Contents
Business Case Study: Sakae Sushi2
I.Executive Summary2
II.Overview of the Industry2
III.Description of Company3
1.Market / Product Positioning4
4.Market Size and Trends7
6.Estimated Sales9
IV.Sales Strategy10
1.Methods of Sales10
2.Advertising and Promotion11
V.Business Development Status12
1.Production Process12
2.Cost of Development13
3.Labour Requirements14
4.Expenses and Capital Requirements14
VI.Profile of Management Team Ownership15
1.Board of Directors / Advisors15
2.Support Services18
VII.Financial Plan19
1.Cashflow Statement19
2.Balance Sheet20
3.Income Statement21
4.Funding Request and Exit Strategy21
VIII.Risks and Contingency Planning21

Business Case Study: Sakae Sushi
I. Executive Summary
This report provides the information of the current and potential market, sales strategy, target customers, production cost, expenses and capital requirements of Sakae Sushi in Singapore. This report describes a brief study about the growth of Sakae Sushi in Singapore market. During the time of the Asian financial crisis, Sakae Sushi has executed many new ideas to attract customers. This report also describes about the background of the company and the description of products and services running in this business. It includes the managerial work of Sakae Sushi like the financial statements and information related to the costs involved in running the business such as expenses, salaries and cost of raw materials, etc. It also states the team of Sakae Sushi and visions of this company. We have also talked about different products and services offered by Sakae Sushi and the methods implemented by them to endorse and advertise their brand to the masses. Sakae Sushi style is defined like a new concept in the art of eating sushi instead of pursuing the old style (sushi bar). Its seats are arranged all round an elliptical-shaped sushi counter. For Sakae Sushi, sushi is not just merely a food or dish; it also contains the essence of Japanese culture in hundred years. Each type of sushi is an art, that's why our chefs do not only make sushi; they create the art of sushi. When the customers go to the Sakae Sushi, they can enjoy not only sushi but also many other delicious Japanese food such as Japanese noodles, Bento (consists of rice, fish or meat, and one or more pickled or cooked vegetables, usually in a box-shaped container), etc. It will also help young and budding entrepreneurs to understand how to analyze the market and make right decisions from time to time. Sakae Sushi decided a vision “serving fast food with delicious art” their slogan "We Serve Only What We Eat" has become more popular with customers who love eating sushi. II. Overview of the Industry

There are nearly 700 food manufacturing establishments in Singapore according to figures from International Enterprise (IE) Singapore. Of these, more than half cater mainly to the export market. To date, Singapore’s top five F&B trading partners are Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, the US and China. Within the European Union, the UK is the largest export market for Singapore F&B manufacturers, followed by Finland, Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany. Other major F&B trading partners include France, Australia, Thailand, Taiwan, and New Zealand (INSIS, 2005). As is the case for other industries, the Middle East is becoming an increasingly important market for the local F&B industry too. In 2006, food exports to the region increased by 16 percent from a year ago to reach SG$252 million. In particular, the United Arab Emirates accounted for SG$102 million of total F&B exports to the Middle East, making it Singapore’s 13th largest F&B export market. According to the department, restaurants create...
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