Organizational Motivation and Leadership in the Workplace Paper

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Organizational Motivation and Leadership in the Workplace Paper

Organizational Motivation and Leadership in the Workplace Paper Angella Y. Lancaster
Psychology 570
December 11, 2014
Dr. Anthony Casas Jr.

Employee Conflict: My situation
Anyone can find conflict in a work place regardless of where they work, what their duties are, and where they stand within the organization. Conflict is a human behavior that will live on with us as long as human nature is unchanged. We all have experienced some sort of conflict or another in a work place. I for one have experienced my own conflicts within the workplace at the organization where I ws employed, one in particular was memorable and at the same time, I learned a lot from that experience.

My experience took place while I was working in Alaska at a homeless shelter for battered and abused women and children starting in 1996 and ending in the year 1998, which is the time I left Alaska for warmer weather. My experience taught me a lot on how to deal with co-workers, handle situations with my supervisors, and the director of the shelter. This experience is sometimes difficult to handle, and is not as easy as other people to discuss however; this experience I felt was perfect for this paper. My Experience: The Organization

The organization I was working for was in Alaska and was linked to the protecting victims of domestic violence from their abuser. I am not going to name the exact name of the organization to avoid potential issues with my former employer and to protect those who still use the program. I will say the organization is non-profit, they help women both older and youth whom fallen victim of domestic violence. The organization works with those who are in need, providing educational opportunities, basic needs, counseling, temporary housing, and employment resources as well as protection from the abuser. I worked in the section of the shelter that provided child care. In total, there is about 20 employees, 15 full time and about five part time employees. The organization occupies a large sized building with capabilities to shelter up to 150 women and children. The organization’s headquarters is in Kenai Alaska, My Experience: The Situation

My situation is adult orientated and at some times, I became very uncomfortable. I was not working at the time and was looking at potential job opportunities in the area. I was sitting in a coffee shop enjoying my coffee and this lady came up to me and began talking to me. She told me about the opening at the organization, this person told me all about the duties, pay, and other important bits of information which caught my interest.

I was put in touch with the hiring director and we hit it off like we had known each other for years. We went through several interviews, the application process, and the background check. Once I satisfied the requirements and past the background checks, I was offered a job at the organization. In the meantime, the person who introduced me to the director kept in contact with me. She later told me that she was Bisexual.

I showed up to the shelter for work on my scheduled start date and submitted all the information that was needed for me to get in the system. Everything went great for a while. Then one day, the lady who connected me to the job asked me on a date with her husband. I told her that I do not have relationships with people I work with as a matter of policy and I also informed in a polite manner that I bi, or gay.

After I told the lady that I was not interested, she began being very rude, refused to work with me, and even at one point said I owed her because she got me the job. I took the lady into my classroom and explained that I got the job on my own credentials and had nothing to do with what she did. I also explained to her in clear language that I cannot date co-workers because it was against the organization's...

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