Organization Behaviour

Topics: Sri Lanka, SriLankan Airlines, Bandaranaike International Airport Pages: 16 (3984 words) Published: May 7, 2013

An organization is a system where a set of individuals who are operating in several subdivisions of the system and everyone is working for a one specific goal. Organization behaviour describes the actions and reactions of individual dyads, groups of employees who interact with each other in the course of their working day.

This report was commissioned to analyze the structure and the culture of the two airlines and the comparison and contrasting the structure of the two organizations, Sri Lankan Airlines and Mihin Lanka Airline. Next how the structure helps the culture of each organization is being clearly discussed in this report. And the different factors that will affect the individual behavior of the employee at work.

Secondly the leadership styles used by the two companies and the effectiveness of the leadership styles that they have been used. How the two airlines practiced the scientific approach of management is being explained at next. And the different management approaches are being evaluated to the two airlines are also being discussed in this report.

Finally it is discussed about the nature of formal group and what kind of a formal group and the factors that would lead to effective and ineffective group work to the two airlines. And it has also evaluated the impact of modern technology on team function in the company.

2.0 The logo of Sri Lankan airline and Mihin Lanka airline.

3.0 Organization Structure.

3.1 Organization Structure of Sri Lankan Airline.

3.1.1 Work specialization.

Work specialization is a key element in the organization structure. This is where the organization tasks are subdivided into different jobs. It allows the manager to take major tasks and brake them down into small tasks that a one individual worker can complete. Each individual is trained on the specific task that they are in charge on. The employee becomes more professional after doing this task for a long period. Work can be completed faster and more efficiently, quality cost control cost are lowered.

3.1.2 Departmentalization.

Departmentalization is also can be called as division of labour. This is the process of grouping activities into different departments by the organization. After classifying the jobs through work specialization the next step will be to group those jobs under different departments based on tasks. All he common tasks will be goes under one department. Sri Lankan Airline’s work has been departmentalized based on functional departmentalization.

3.1.3 Chain of command.

Level of authority and the reporting order can be determine as a chain of command. It also influence the communication between employees in an organization. Here the employee will get command only from one superior. The unity of command in the chain of command is, each subordinates reports to one and only one reporter. It will help to control a good relationship between the superior and the subordinates, can manage good discipline, better coordination and team work

3.1.4 Span of Control.

Sri Lankan airline’s span of control is narrow where the number of levels in the organization is more than 2. The number of subordinates that a manager has to control is low so it will be easy to do the business activities in an effective manner.

3.1.5 Centralization and Decentralization.

Centralized decision making is being used by Sri Lankan airline. Here all the decisions will be taken by the top level and they don’t take the ideas from the lower level employees of the organization when making decisions. Centralization can be done in a position or at a level in the organization. 3.1.6 Formalization.

Jobs in Sri Lankan airlines are standardized and the employee behavior is also being guide by rules and regulations of the company. Sri Lankan airline is a formalized organization. Their employees behavior is at a really good level and the entire employee are well qualified and fully skilled on...
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