Malaysia Airline System

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1.0 Executive Summary

This report aims to solve problem faced by Malaysian Airline System in the implementation of good service delivery in the flight cabins by integrating two of the management functions, which are organizing and leading & motivating. The problems that have being identified are impolite crewmembers, slow and inefficient cabin crewmembers and understaffed cabins. Sources of information were obtained from the Malaysian Airline System website, journal articles and personal observations. In order to overcome the problem of poor service delivery, the plan is to increase the competency of our cabin crew service member. In order to improve the service delivery and employees competency of MAS the plan is to organize the organization by incorporating 3 new taskforces, which are Reallocation, Recruitment Revision and Training revision & Improvement and 1 Performance Department. Leadership and Motivating are also used to improve goods service delivery. Transformational-transactional leadership style is used to motivate the employees to accomplish the organizational goals. For the short term, the emphasis is on transactional leadership to motivate the employees and in the long run it is advisable to use transformational leadership to motivate employees, as employees are not motivated through monetary rewards only. Reward power used to motivate employees to perform is in line with goal setting theory which suggest that employees will be motivate if the goals are clarity, challenge, commitment and feedback. In conclusion, by incorporating organizing and leading & motivating theories, MAS will be able to resolve its poor cabin service delivery and regain its position as a leading commercial airline in the aviation industry. It is recommended that the brand equity of MAS is also promoted to raise awareness among potential and/or current clients.

2.0 Introduction
2.1 Purpose of the Report
This report aims to look at the main good service delivery problem faced by Malaysian Airline System (MAS). MAS is a commercial airline company based in Malaysia. It is also one of the biggest and most recognized commercial airline companies in Malaysia and abroad. We intend to highlight the problems faced by MAS in the cabin crew section. We will be focusing on cabin crew service delivery problems and how to overcome them based on the solutions that we have drawn up over the past few weeks. 2.2 Organization

Malaysia Airline System is one of the biggest airline companies in the world. It is also Malaysia’s premier commercial airlines. The journey began on 12 October 1937 with the help of the colonial British government to run an air service between Penang and Singapore, which were the 2 biggest and most important Straits Settlement colonies. The forming of Malaysia in 1963 and the subsequent separation of Malaysia and Singapore in 1965 made the airlines into a bi-national Airline Company. In 1973, MAS came into being with the separation of the Malaysian and Singaporean partners. 2.3 Problems

Over the past 2 years, MAS has had an alarming decrease in sales, increase in customer complaints followed by a disconcerting decline in the customer loyalty rate. This indicates that there is a problem in the organization and after observation, the problems stems from the cabin crew service. Some of the problems include issues such as impolite cabin crewmembers, inefficient/slow cabin crewmembers and also, that the department is understaffed. These problems if left unresolved will have tremendous negative impacts on MAS’s performance and will lead to losing even more of their market share. This in turn will cause employees to be de-motivated due to empty flights. However this benefits competitors, as they will be able to snatch away customers from MAS and increase their market share in the airline industry.

2.4 Purpose of Excellent Cabin Crew and Good Service Delivery MAS takes cabin crew service...
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