Organization Behaviors

Topics: Leadership, Charismatic authority, Management Pages: 4 (1016 words) Published: April 25, 2012
Course: MBA 741
Name: Wei Liu
To: Kristin Holmberg-Wright
Date: 4-24-2012

1. How do charismatic and transformational leadership compare and contrast? Why are they valid concept today? A: the charismatic leadership and transformational leadership are almost same, like transformational leader’s Individualized Consideration and charismatic leader’s sensitivity to followers need; transformational leader’s charisma and charismatic leader’s. But they still have some different in some parts. The Charisma in transformation leadership is different with charismatic leadership. Transformational leadership can be used in every level of organizations, but charismatic only suit for top managers. Charismatic leadership has dark sides, charismatic leader prefer “I”, rather than task.

2. How can organizations select and develop effective leaders? A: there many standard for an effective leaders. These 5 elements I think are the key factors for an effective leader. First is Vision, an effective leader must have vision for company future. Second energizing people, the effective leader have to inspiration their followers to let them work efficiency. Third, Communication, this skill can help information in organization transfer fast and efficiency. Fourth is charisma, their trait of personality will impact the followers, let them to trust the leader will lead them to success. Fifth, competence, an effective leader must have ability to prove they can handle the organizations like they said. Base on the standard mentioned above, it will be much easy to find and develop an effective leader.

3. In your view, which leadership theory has greatest practical application? Why? A: Base on all models we can find in textbook. I think the transformational leadership is more practice than others. First, the transformational leadership can be developing in any level of organizations; it means an effective leader is replicable. Second, the transformational leader will focus...
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