Organising Events

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It is no accident that this is the last section as many of the skills and knowledge you need to organise events and projects has been covered in the previous sections. Organising a successful event or project takes good planning, team work and an eye for detail particularly as all activities that involve the safety of people are governed by law.
How to ‘Action Plan’
Through action planning you and your committee or your team of willing volunteers will be able to plan in detail everything that needs doing to organise a successful event or project. If you are planning a more complicated project that requires larger amounts of money you should consider getting some professional advice as you may need to change the status of organisation to limit the personal liability of the committee and be able to employ people and buy land. Many
Councils for Volunteer Service, (C.V.S.) Volunteer Bureaus,
Community Councils and local authorities employ specialist staff to advise community groups. They will be able to guide you on the writing of a feasibility study and a business plan (see section 2 and section 10 for contact details).
Good Event Management – it’s all in the planning!
What makes a good action plan?
Here are a few tips to help: Start planning your event in plenty of time; allow yourself at least three months for planning a street party and two months for a jumble sale. If you need to raise funding for the event, start planning even earlier especially if you are applying to a specific fund and need to complete an application form and wait for it to be assessed. Most funding sources take at least three months to process. Think carefully about the time and venue, do your homework and make sure your event does not clash with another one.
Think about whom the event is for and what time and day of the week would be good for them. An early morning activity for
SECTION 12 young people might not be

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