international exhibition management

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Essay on International Exhibition Management
—A Comparative Study

wang zilong

I Introduction
II Literature Review
2.1 Categories of Events
2.2 Exhibition Management
2.3 Exhibition Management as an Industry
III A Comparative Study of Two International Film Festival 3.1 Comparison of the Background of Two Film Festivals
3.2 Comparison of Contents of the Two Festivals
3.3 Comparison of International Status of the Two Festivals
3.4 Comparison of Advantages of the Two Festivals
3.5 Comparison of Disadvantages of the Two Festivals
3.6 Conclusion and Suggestion
IV Reference

I Introduction
In this report the author intends to make a comparison between the Cannes Film Festival and Shanghai International Film Festival. Cannes International Film Festival was founded in 1939, it is one of the most influential film festivals in the world. Cannes film festival is traditionally held in France because of the location with the Sea, the beauty and sunshine, which indicates Sea, Sex and Sun, the three words with big characteristics make this festival also known as 3s film festival.(Cannes International Film Festival Website) The current Cannes international film festival, held each year in mid-may, about 12 days. It usually includes film competition, market fair and so on. This film festival is divided into six modules: "official competition", "director fortnight", "a look", "film week", "French film taking place" and "outside" exhibition market. The Shanghai International Film Festival was founded in 1993, it is China's first international film festival. The Shanghai International Film Festival is approved by the state council, the international association of film producer, agreed with the China's first class A international film festival, sponsored by the state administration of radio, film and television and the Shanghai municipal government, undertaken by Shanghai international film festival organization committee. Shanghai film festival began in October 1993, every two years. The objective of this festival is to enhance the mutual understanding and friendship between national, regional filmmakers and promote the prosperity of film art in the world. Since 2001, Shanghai International Film Festival held annually. (Shanghai International Film Festival Website) The aim of this report is to compare the important differences and similarities between the Cannes international film festival and shanghai international film festival, and make an analysis of the external background and internal background of Cannes international film festival and shanghai international film festival and then critical evaluate on the advantages and disadvantages of Cannes international film festival and shanghai international film festival. The final part of report is to make conclusion and suggestions to make exhibition management much better. II Literature Review

2.1 Categories of Events
Generally, we classify events into the following four broad categories according to their different purposes and objectives. They are cultural events, for example, religious ceremonies, folklore activities...; leisure events, such as sports competition, music festivals, film festivals,organizational events, including government and non-government events, political and commercial activities, such as exhibitions… 2.2 Exhibition Management

Exhibition management is an application of project management into the practice of planning and developing in the whole process of festivals, events and conferences. Management has become a problem that seriously affecting all kinds of event. It is gradually recognized as an important element of the success or failure of an exhibition. Exhibition management deals with the planning and developing process, it studies the intricacies of an exhibition, identifies its target audience, and devises the concept of exhibition. Before actually executing the proposed exhibition, it will be...
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