Being Organized

Topics: Management, Clothing, Organization Pages: 2 (586 words) Published: November 30, 2012
ing Natacha Petit-frere
Professor Donigan
December 1, 2011

Being Organized

Many of us are incompatible of being organized. Organization is a skill that must be learned and practice by an individual. It’s a rare person among us who doesn’t feel the need to get more organized. I consider myself fairly organized I show my organization skills by coordinating my clothes by style, color coding sections for my college courses, having a sheet of paper, a calendar and a white board.

A lot of us always just throw our clothes in the closet and its always out of order. Especially when pants, shirts and dresses are anywhere. On the other hand, we don’t know exactly where they can be found. This can be terrible when we know what we want to put on but can’t find it. In my closet I have my clothing in coordinating order. I put jackets in the front and pants in the back. The type of color style I use is darks in front and lights in back. Having this type of organization in my closet is very helpful.

I’m a visual person, and I find that color-coding sections for my college courses minimizes the time I have to spend looking for them. This works especially well while I’m in class. I dumped every class syllabus into a green folder called class syllabus, and then color-coded every class period blue for paper due, yellow for quiz, red for test, etc. It took awhile to set up, sure, but for the rest of the semester I only had to glance at class syllabus to get a very clear idea of what kind of week I was going to have. Thinking if I didn’t have this type of organization for school I would be kind of stress out. When I’m not in school I’ll be using color-coding for work assignments also.

I’ve found that the easiest way to organize days, myself and so forth is a good paper calendar, a sheet of paper that I divide into four sections and a medium sized white board. For my paper the top left section is my actual running to do list for today. The top right section is my...
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