Organised vs Unorganised

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Introduction to the Topic

Consumer Perception

• Consumer Perception is defined as the process by which an individual selects, organizes, interprets stimuli into a meaningful and coherent picture of the world.

• It can describe as “ how we see the world around us”

• Perception is an intellectual process and is different from sensation.

Elements of Perception

• Sensation

• The absolute threshold

• The differential threshold

• Subliminal perception

1) Sensory Receptors

The human organs (eyes, ears, nose, mouth, skin) that receive sensory inputs.

2) Absolute Threshold

The lowest level at which an individual can experience a sensation.

3) Differential Threshold

The minimal difference that can be detected between two stimuli. Also known as the j.n.d. (just noticeable difference).

4) Subliminal Perception

Perception of very weak or rapid stimuli received below the level of conscious awareness.

Consumer Perception Process





1.Perceptual selection

• A consumer may look at some things. Ignore others, and turn away from still others. In actually people perceive only a small fraction of the stimuli to which they are exposed.

• Which stimuli get selected depend on two factors : a) consumer’s previous experience as it affect their expectations.

• B) their motive at the time( need, desire, interest)

2.Perceptual organization

• The three basic principle of perceptual org. are:

a) Figure & ground

People have tendency to organize their perception into figure and ground relationship. How a figure ground pattern is perceived can influenced by prior pleasant or painful association with one or the other element in isolation.

b) Grouping

Individual tend to group stimuli so that they form a unified picture or impression. The perception of stimuli as groups or chunks of information , rather than as

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