Understand Person-Centred Approaches in Adult Social Care Settings

Topics: Health care, Respect, Rights Pages: 35 (12155 words) Published: January 9, 2013
1.1. Define person-centred values
Person-centred values:
-treating people as individuals
-supporting people to access their rights
-supporting people to exercise choice
-making sure people have privacy if they want it
-supporting people to be as independent as possible
-treating people with dignity and respect
-recognising that working with people is a partnership rather than a relationship controlled by professionals
Person-centred care has its focus on the person with an illness and not on the disease in the person. To achieve truly person-centred care we need to understand how the individual experiences his or her situation if we are to understand their behaviours and symptoms. This requires in-depth understanding of the individual’s life circumstances and preferences, combined with up-to-date evidence-based knowledge about individualised medical and social condition and treatment. 1.2. Explain why it is important to work in a way that embeds person-centred values Characterises a person-centred care:

• Has its focus on the person with an illness and not the disease in the person. • Has the person’s own experiences as its point of departure. • Strives to understand behaviours and symptoms from the perspective of the person. • Tailors care and treatment to each individual.

• Promotes both patient empowerment and shared decision making. • Involves the patient as an active, collaborative partner. • Strives to involve the person’s social network in his/her care. We believe that all individuals have the following person centred characteristics UNIQUENESS

Regardless Of Illness, All Individuals Are Unique And This Must Be Acknowledged By Everyone COMPLEXITY
Individuals Are Complex Beings And A Myriad Of Factors Influence The Way We See And Respond To The World Around Us.
ENABLING We Need To Recognise The Strengths And Abilities Of Individuals With Needs And Ensure Opportunities Exist For Them To Be Utilised.
The Recognition Of A Sense Of Self, Who We Are And What Place We Hold In The World Around Us. It Places An Emphasis On The Positive Effects Of Daily Interaction VALUE OF OTHERS
We recognises the individuality of all people. the roles of direct care staff, the formulation of policies and procedures and staff and managers supporting each other…
The Home upholds the following values for its clients:
The opportunity to select independently from a range of Options as available. Rights
The maintenance of all entitlements associated with Citizenship. Fulfilment
The realisation of personal Aspirations and Abilities in all aspects of daily life. Independence
The opportunity to Think and Act without reference to another person including a willingness to incur a degree of a Calculated Risk, unless that risk involves others. Privacy
The right to be alone or undisturbed and free from intrusion, or public attention in relation to individuals and their affairs.
The right to privacy includes the need to respect the confidential nature of information relating to the Resident their family and friends.
A recognition of the intrinsic value of people regardless of circumstances by respecting their uniqueness and their personal needs. The right to dignity includes the recognition of, and the catering for, Individual, ethnic, cultural and religious needs.

Freedom of Movement
The right of residents to move to an area or place of their preference within legal limitations 2.1 Describe how to find out the history, preferences, wishes and needs of an individual Person-centred working means that the wishes of the person are the basis of planning and delivering support and care services. Therefore, you must find out exactly what people want and expect from the care and support they are planning. Person-centred working means that service provision fits around the person-not the other way around.If you are...
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