Organic Chemistry: Esterification Lab

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Esterification Lab
Esterification is an important part of organic chemistry that has many practical applications. Esterification can be used to make polymers. In most cases, esters are used for scents – they often smell fruity and sweet. In general, an esterification reaction results from a condensation reaction between a carboxylic acid and an alcohol. The carboxylic acid group loses an OH group, and the alcohol loses and H. For instance, the reaction between methanoic acid and methanol is shown below COOH+CH_3 OH →CHOOCH_3+H_2 O

The purpose of this investigation is to verify the smell of esters Method
Place 250 mL of deionized water in a 500 mL. Heat this water until it boils. Turn off the heat source after boiling
Follow the chart below for the following steps
Ester #AcidAlcohol
1Acetic AcidButanol
2Acetic AcidOctanol
3Acetic AcidMethanol
4Acetic AcidEthanol
5Butanoic acidButanol
6Butanoic acidOctanol
7Butanoic acidMethanol
8Butanoic acidEthanol

Place tens drops of the acid in your test tube. Add 10 drops of the required alcohol to the test tube. Refer to the chart to check what combination of acids and alcohols you should use
Add 2 drops of concentrated sulfuric acid (this increases the yield)
Place the test tube into the boiling water so the level of the alcohol-acid solution is below the level of the water.
Allow the test tube to remain in the hot water bat for 15 minutes
After 15 minutes, smell the solution and record the smell. Pour the solution down the drain and rinse the test tube with tap water to remove odor. Repeat the above steps for the acid-alcohol combinations you were assigned

After this, clean up all materials and wash your hands.

Ester #AcidAlcoholEster nameSmell
1Acetic acidButanolButyl ethanoateBanana/pear
2Acetic acidOctanolOctyl ethanoateOrange citrus
3Acetic acidMethanolMethyl ethanoateNail polish remover
4Acetic acid...
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