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French Questions
Enzyme Lab
Period 3-4

Purpose/Objective: The purpose/objective of this lab was to see if environmental conditions changed the speed of the reaction. The catalyst being used was the spark (the match). The Chemical reaction being tested was how fast the hydrogen peroxide could turn into water and oxygen. The theory that was being tested was; Enzymes speed up reactions. The facts that I wanted to determine were matches making the chemical reaction happen quicker or not.
-Test Tubes -Chicken Liver -Sand -Ice -Glass Stirring Rod -Hydrochloric Acid -Hydrogen Peroxide

1) Put on safety goggles
2) Get test tubes
3) Put chicken liver in 5 of 6 test tubes, an sand in all of the test tubes
4) Get beaker of Hydrogen peroxide with a dropper
5) Place all 6 test tubes in the empty beaker
6) Fill test tube #1 with sand and a piece of liver. Use the glass stirring rod to crush the liver and sand together.
7) Fill test tube #2 with sand but DO NOT crush the piece of liver.
8) Fill test tube #3 with a piece of liver and sand. Then place this test tube into a breaker of ice. Set this beaker aside for as long as possible.
9) Fill test tube #4 with sand and a piece of liver. Then add 1mL of hydrochloric acid into the test tube and put it aside for as long as possible.
10) Fill test tube #5 with sand and a piece of liver. Then add 1mL of Hydrogen Peroxide.
11) For test tube #6, put in a pinch of sand and leave it that way.
12) Record observations
13) When finished, keep goggles on, clean out test tubes, return them to the test tube holder, put away your goggles once everyone is finished, and then return to your seat quietly.

Post-Lab Questions:
1) What is an Enzyme? What are their roles in chemical reactions?
A: An enzyme is a catalyst and it either starts, or speeds up a chemical reaction by lowering the activation energy without being changed or used up.

2) Describe

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