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Advertising in Sweden
The purpose of this report is to bring out a overview of the positive and negative aspects of two different forms of advertising in Sweden, which are TV commercials and adverts in newspapers. It will also examine the effectiveness of these advertising techniques and make recommendations for improvement. TV commercials

Almost every channel has commercial breaks. The approach in these commercials are divided in two categories: The humorous way, with short sketches. Then there is the more serious ones with a fancy approach, making their products look luxurious. The effect of the funny commercials is that people talk about them, trying to reenact the sketches. The fancy ones gives you a classy impression, people do not talk about them as much but they get a feeling of that the product is nice and reliable. Unfortunately, far from all commercials are funny, most of them are even obnoxious and the response from the people watching the commercials is the opposite of what the companies wants. Adverts in newspapers

It is almost impossible to read a newspaper without being exposed to advertising. The approach is simple, mainly there is a image of the product with an offer next to it. The positives with adverts in newspapers are that the company is guaranteed that a certain amount of people will receive the newspapers with the ads, guaranteeing the company that this amount of people will be exposed to it. The negatives are that people can go on reading the newspaper ignoring the adverts, and maybe missing out on offers they could actually be interested in. Recommendations

Companies using TV commercials should try a new way of making people interested in their products. Just telling people what is good about the product might be more effective than telling a joke and then flashing, for example, a water bottle in the end or vice versa. Instead of using banners on the sides of newspapers, there could be a advert section in the end of...
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