Order and Sales System of Biano

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Project Title
Ordering system through out the world has relied on pens and papers. Problems suchas missing orders and information sent to the wrong place arise. Furthermore, some could not be able to handle the massive volume of orders. Under the old manual ordering systems, it takes up too much time to process. Real time ordering and improved efficiency has been the focus of entrepreneurs. As with many business scenarios, getting rid of paper improves efficiency, reduces human error and allows information to flow to an infrastructure without a time consuming data input process. There is also less chance of handwritten orders being misread and a higher customer turn around as customers will be served faster. In accordance to this, the software developers proposed the BIANO’S PIZZA computerized ordering system. Thesystem is developed specially to meet the needs of BIANO’S PIZZA.

Scope and Limition :
BIANO’S PIZZA Ordering system is an integration of different operations: ordering, pricing, and billing systems, customers input orders directly into the computer, which communicates the customer’s order to the kitchen. The fixed terminal number identifies which customer ordered which. A staff prints out the bill. Additional orders may be accepted by the kitchen only if the bill hasn’t been printed.

Statement of the Problem:
The proponents would like to develop the ordering system to address the following problems of BIANO’S PIZZA:

How can BIANO’S PIZZA keep pace with the modernization?
To keep pace with the modernization, there should be room for improvement in the field of information technology. Nowadays, companies shift from manual to computerize primarily because of advantages brought by the use of computers.

How can BIANO’S PIZZA maximize the use of personal computers? In all business ventures, it is a must to use the resources to the best advantage. Given the setup, BIANO’S PIZZA...
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