Pizza Store Layout Simulation: Apply the Learning Curve Theory

Topics: Learning curve, Experience curve effects, Learning Pages: 2 (677 words) Published: April 8, 2010
A learning curve, in common terms, “is used to describe the effort required to acquire a new skill (e.g., expertise with a new tool) over a specific period of time” In scholarly terms, “Learning curves are also an integral part in planning corporate strategy, such as decisions concerning pricing, capital investment, and operating costs based on experience curves” Chase-Jacobs-Aquilano. In the pizzeria scenario presented requires a full understanding of the cause and effect of decisions made and making adjustments to minimize the amount of time to complete the entire process and also minimizing the amount of potential customers from leaving. To streamline the process, it is important to recognize the transformations of the business as it moves along the entire learning curve when each scenario is considered and acted upon. Measuring the process of serving pizza

The pizzeria has been in business since 1950 and has become a recognizable mainstay in Palm Springs, CA for its quality and uniqueness. As the business is being passed down, it is important for the successor to recognize the learning curve and understand the restaurant as it functions today. During peak times, the pizzeria staffs four wait staff and two kitchen workers. With customers arriving in groups of two to four every three to five minutes there are only 14 4-top tables, but no 2-top tables to seat each party. The entire process from when a customer walks into the pizzeria to the time they leave takes 53 minutes. Eleven of the minutes are consumed just waiting to be seated at an open table and another 13 minutes are consumed back in the kitchen processing the order – room for improvement. Applying the learning curve theorem

By turning four of the 4-tops into eight 2-tops, it increases the total tables available at the pizzeria from 14 to 18 and effectively reduces the average wait time to 5.27 minutes. The additional tables also allow the utilization of the wait staff to a...
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