Oration Piece

Topics: Globalization, Capacity, Culture Pages: 2 (459 words) Published: September 26, 2010
KCC: “Aiming towards Global Competence”
“Now is the time for change.” This is what we have been heard from all media forms since the election has finally ended, heeding the triumphant sound of another spectrum of hope as it enters the palace of ascendancy – the new administration. Knowing the fact that this will be a roaring summon for the Filipino masses. This is now our time to heal the wounds and lift up ourselves from the ruthless claws of the past administration. However, our aspiration for change would not become a reality if we let pessimism, sluggishness, and unconsciousness to bury ourselves in the deadly quicksand of stagnancy. My dear fellow KCCians, shall we wait that this stagnancy would smash the kind of change we are aiming for? Can we be the builders of Filipino races towards globalization? Well, we have an invulnerable armor and mace against this defying menace. Kabankalan Catholic College provides the firmness and expertise to our hands – the quality education and superiority in culture and sports. Together with the harmonious fusion of academic proficiency and sterling qualities and admirable Christian values, we KCCians can lead the Filipino multitudes to take the center stage of the international arena. But before we plunge into the depths of the ocean of global competition, which maybe extremely dangerous when we are ill equipped, we have to reshape ourselves. Yes my friend, we can reshape ourselves and this is what this Intramurals for. The Intramurals is our school’s thoroughfare of elevating the youth’s potentials in honing their gem in flamboyant cultural presentation, stiffness in athletic competition, technological prowess and sterling academic superiority. Through this, another rank of competency will alleviate youth’s flair in writing and speaking, their competency in sports and theatrical performances and academic advancement. With these, it could transform the fibers of KCCians’ proficiency into a tapestry of...
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