Noynoy Aquino Regime

Topics: Corazon Aquino, Benigno Aquino, Jr., Noynoy Aquino Pages: 12 (4691 words) Published: October 2, 2010
(Have you experienced waiting on an intersection, for the light to get green, only to be overtaken by another vehicle with a siren?… Me too.) Ihad the chance to watch the inaugural program of the newly-proclaimed president of our country, Benigno Aquino III, or more commonly known as Noynoy to the masses. The excerpt above was mentioned by his excellency during the early stages of his speech. Even though it’s not the crux of the speech, I could easily relate to what he said, for I myself experienced it. “Ako rin…”. Isn’t it a bitch to be kept waiting at an intersection, waiting for the light to turn green just to follow the rules and be a good citizen, only to be cut by another vehicle with sirens blaring for no emergency reason at all? It’s quite understandable if it’s an ambulance, or a fire truck, or any sort of emergency. But if it’s main purpose is only to avoid being held up, then to hell with them and back.

I think president noynoy issued a memo for the “wang-wang” issue but, after being locked in a traffic jam in EDSA, has gone to revise some issues in the memo. Ah well… Enough with the siren-horse-shit. A new president being proclaimed has to inspire hope somehow. Despite the everyday hardship and the promises being continuously broken, we filipinos never loses hope. I guess we are resilient by nature and it’s among our strength as a nation. Now with a new administration governing our country, we again hold that hope that this time around the people in power would strive for the people, and not for themselves. Unity towards prosperity – it’s what we need to battle poverty according to President Noynoy. I won’t enumerate all the things he said in his speech. But let me tell you that it’s all for the good of the people. I, as a citizen, can’t help but hope that those promises would be made into reality, and not just go down the drain like it did with past administrations. Kung walang corrupt, walang mahirap. It’s one of the credo of the Aquino Administration way back when Noynoy was still at the early stages of his campaign. I, too, hope every word of it would come true. The Noynoy Aquino Government and How do we Respond to It RAZIL Andy

10 July 2010
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* The Victory of Noynoy and (...)
* Noynoy is the Perpetuation of
* Prospects and Inherent (...)
* Responding to the Noynoy (...)
The May 2010 election was considered to be the cleanest and fastest elections in the Philippines since the restoration of elite democracy after the dark Martial Law years of the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos. This is despite the controversies looming on the automated elections, the system glitches during the elections, the failure of elections in some towns, the reported massive vote buying, the reported pre-shading of ballots, the millions of disenfranchised voters, most of them first time voters, among others. These irregularities and actual election problems are seemingly left-out due to the convincing win, by a very large margin, of Noynoy-the expected winner according to pre-election surveys. After the proclamation and formal assumption into office, along with fancy celebrations and parties, the new government of Noynoy Aquino is now starting to confront the challenges and problems of the country. Its cabinet is now almost complete and its policies and programs, though slowly, are taking shape out of the motherhood statements and broad campaign slogans. With the winning of Aquino, surveys showed that there is an increased optimism for a better life in the coming months among Filipinos from all classes. The promise of good governance have impacted the people and an atmosphere of relief from nine (9) years of mismanagement, illegitimacy and very corrupt governance is certainly in the air. This situation compelled various sectors, especially the Left, to discuss and debate on how we should deal with this new government. -------------------------------------------------

 The Victory of...
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