Pork Barrel: a Matter Between a Nasty Governance and a Promise of Fidelity

Topics: Government, Pork barrel, Earmark Pages: 2 (629 words) Published: September 8, 2013
The Philippines is once again put into a clash as a recent dilemma boomed the whole realm and started bombarding it with diverse opinions regarding the alleged Pork Barrel Scam. Arguments float up from the various sectors from the government as well as its constituents. Many institutions and individuals hunger for its abolition to bring corruption into a halt.

The mayhem burst out when a certain businesswoman, by the name of Janet Lim Napoles, was identified as having trapped as much as P10 billion in pork-barrel funds channeled through charged ten spurious non-government organizations. The issue of the rip-off, involving several senator and congressmen, blow up to President Benigno “P-Noy” Aquino, III’s fourth State of the Nation Address.

Pork Barrel is a fund rendered by the national government for the senators and the congressmen. It was once headed as Countrywide Development Fund and later as Congressional Development Fund. It is presently branded as Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF). It used to be a catchphrase only few Filipinos care about, until it roared into a public awareness when an appalling spam of it arose. Some surveys show that this has been the alternative way of the elected senators and congressmen to put back their expenses from the election campaign. Apparently, this served as the milking cow of those who are in power. The supposed fund for the local innovations and improvements are trapped by the legislators who were entitled to administer it. This has caused an immense damage on our nation’s wealth.

These grounds are sufficient to finally eradicate the pork barrel. It has an evident effect being a core of corruption. Instead of fostering the needs of the less fortunate, it provides the pockets of those who are in power. Numerous Filipinos are now experiencing paucity of labor and scarcity of food, despite the fact that the nation’s economy is widely growing. Where is the escalation when the community is drowned into the waves...
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