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Oral Communication In English

By cayrie Mar 20, 2015 387 Words
Oral Communication in
Forms, Functions, and

The Communication

Sender send message to the
The sender will encode his message
and go through a channel.
The receiver will then decode the
message using contextual

Importance of English

Lingua franca
Used world wide.
Malaysian’s mother language has
influence the English – Manglish.

Forms of Oral
 Intrapersonal Communication.

Internal dialogue with yourself – selftalk.
In the middle of a crisis or while
making decision.
Asking yourself if you should have
or shouldn't have done something?

 Interpersonal Communication.

Communication that occurs between
people who have known each other
for some time.
To gain information about them – by
observe them actively.

 Small Group Communication.

Three and no more than twelve or
fifteen members.
Members will develop roles, which
will affect the group's interaction
Have a common purpose or goal
and they must work together to
achieve that goal.

 Public Communication

Be incorporated to achieve
expertise in this very area include
communicating information more
build yourself, confidence and also
personality, enhance your abilities,
skills and deliver messages, ideas
with effectiveness.

 Mass Communication

Sharing of information, ideas with
Through media like
television, radio,
newspaper, and

 Corporate Communication

Exchange of information between
elements of a corporation.
occurred between superiors and
subordinates and communication
with peers.

 Intercultural Communication

Wide range of communication
problems from different religious,
social, ethnic, and educational
Process of exchanging meaningful
and unambiguous information
across cultural boundaries.

The Purpose of

To Inquire

To Inform

requires someone to give knowledge of a fact to
someone else.

To Persuade

seeking information in various ways by asking

make someone agree to do something by
influence them.

To Develop Goodwill

that help people to preserve the harmonious
relationship with people around you.

Roles of Speaker and

Evaluate the Situation.

Avoid Miscommunication.
Give and Receive Feedback.
Maintain Goodwill

Understand Needs

Physical Needs
Security Needs
Social Needs
Esteem Needs
Self-Actualisation Needs

Roles of Speaker and
 Roles of Speaker and Listener.

Make You-Statement
Have a Positive Attitude
Be a Good Listener
Keep Things Confidential
Be Considerate


Importance of communication skills
can never be ignored.
High scale effective communication
skills in order to win the heavy
competition in all spheres of life.
Malaysian can improve our English
communication by practice is daily.

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