Oral Language Activity

Topics: Homer Hickam, October Sky, Theatre Pages: 2 (405 words) Published: April 4, 2013
Oral Language Activity

Jennifer Hill

November 19, 2012
Melinda Osentoski

Oral Language Activity

Science is a subject that many students have a hard time relating to. Choosing reading material and activities that make the topic more relatable to the students will create interest and buy in into the lesson. I would incorporate the book “Rocket Boys” by Homer Hickam, Jr. as part of the instruction by using the reader’s theater method. This book was adapted into a screenplay titled “October Sky”. The book is non-fiction and allows the students to relate to science. It is told from a teenager’s point of view, and it demonstrates that you can accomplish anything through school, motivation and perseverance, even though you have obstacles in front of you. Students are able to develop scripts and perform their script when using the reader’s theater method. Reader’s theater addresses several aspects of learning as it requires the students to use their mind, creativity and interpersonal skills to accomplish the task. This exercise will be spread out over 2-3 weeks. We will read a section of the book as a class on a daily basis. At the end of the book, the students will be broken into groups of 4-6 students. Each group will put together a script for the section of the book they have been assigned. In the order of the book, each group will also perform their script in front of the class, as though they are putting on a play. I believe this type of lesson will get the students interested in science. This book also gives a firsthand account of how you can achieve anything you set your mind to. Many students that come from poor backgrounds have a hard time visioning a future for them self. The characters in this book are real like people, who also came from a poor background without much hope. The students should be able to enjoy the book as they can relate to it and see a future for them self if they work hard in school....
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