Operational Readiness and Airport Transfer

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Operational Readiness and Airport Transfer
For King Abdull Aziz International Airport


Different types of operational problems are witnessed when commissioning new facilities, especially during the first day of operations, potentially resulting in poor performance and disruptions reflecting negatively on the organization. Many organizations require carrying out a readiness assessment of the new systems and facilities An operation readiness strategy will allow airport operators to dot right and most important to do it right the first time prior to the commissioning. It is critical that on the opening day of an airport, the airport personnel is fully trained to effectively implement correct airport procedures and for all equipment to be in good working condition. The scope of work includes the safe and effective handling of passengers, efficient transfer of baggage, effective handling of the new facilities and equipment and an effective emergency plan. The New Airport Terminal

King Abdul Aziz International Airport (KAIA) is one of four international gateways in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It is also one of the busiest airports during Hajj and Ramadan seasons. Due to the growth in passenger numbers, the development and construction of a new terminal is essential to meet with the daily demands, and this is what GACA (General Authority of Civil Aviation) intends to do. In fact, construction work of the new terminal has already been started. And the number of necessary handovers will require a clear and reliable guidance on what aspects are to be taken into account when dealing with the handover of facilities / buildings and systems.

Our project aims to ensure a seamless transfer from construction to operation, avoid any serious difficulties during the end of the construction phase and contribute to the timely completion of the overall project. The development of a clear handover process will contribute to the operational readiness and prepare a more dependable warranty process. Operational Readiness and Transfer Program

The complexity of an airport operational readiness project depends predominately on the systems and equipment employed and the time available for preparedness; rather than its physical dimensions. ORAT (Operational Readiness and Airport Transfer) is the key of success to achieve the operational goals.

Purpose of ORAT

Coordinate and assist stakeholders including external consultants, in the implementation of a defined operational readiness program for new infrastructure or services covering Operations and Maintenance from design phase through to operational implementation within a given timeframe. Conduct design review for new infrastructure to assess its suitability to meet operations and maintenance related objectives as well as international and national standards and regulations, and additionally prior to construction, identify and assist in the resolution of any design issues which may have a negative impact upon Facilities Maintenance processes. Ensure operational readiness planning is conducted in a timely manner through the establishment of O & M stakeholder groups to, identify interdependencies and resolve operational issues as well as implement operational readiness time scheduling to facilitate accurate management reporting. Facilitate communication processes between departments and subsidiaries to ensure that the implementation of the requirements, including certification of all Regulatory Authorities' and other government agencies is coordinated and well integrated within operational processes. Oversee and/or assist with the development of O & M related standard operational procedures as well as operational contingency procedures for new infrastructure and services, ensuring correct operational integration. Oversee the implementation of maintenance training for new infrastructure and services to ensure that all new users can meet the required service...
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