Changing the Tracheostomy

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Before to start this important operations we have to prepare all the equipment required : * Standard dressing pack : to clean stoma
* Aprons : for cleanliness
* Tracheostomy set : to replace old tracheostomy
* 2nd tracheostomy set 1 or ½ size smaller : in the event the stoma tightens and the larger size trachy won’t fit * Sachet lubricating gel : to lubricate it to make putting the new trachy in easier * Gloves : for cleanliness

* Sachet saline-warmed : for cleaning the stoma – warmed is more comfortable * Clean tracheostomy tapes : to replace the old ones
* Tracheostomy keyhole dressing : to replace the old one
* 2 *10ml syringes (if tracheostomy is cuffed ) : to deflate the old cuff and test inflate the new cuff * Trachy cuff manometer : to check the cuff pressure
* Suctioning equipment with correct size catheters for tracheostomy : for suctioning before and as needed * Ambubag and conector for tracheostomy and mask : to give the patient breaths via their mouth or stoma if necessary before they are reconnected to the ventilator * 2 people : one to stay clean / sterile the other to help. procedure

Also we have to sterilize the table and to washed properly our hands, and put on apron and sterile gloves both people (cares )involved. Why we have to do this ?To ensure that all the equipment that may be needed is to hand and not at last ,to reduce the risk of cross infection. We may lay down the client and take out the pillows so that their head is slightly back, these enables easier removal and insertion of the tracheostomy tube. Now I have to check all the components of the new tracheostomy tube fit well and working properly, I may repeat the maneuver how to introduce the trachy tube in, following the curve of the tube.I have to lubricate the tracheostomy tube with the lubricating gel ;this will minimize discomfort during the procedure. If the client require the...
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