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List 4 common symptoms of pneumonia the Tachypnea, fever with chills, productive cough, nurse might note on a physical exam. bronchial breath sounds.

State 4 nursing interventions for assisting Deep breathing, fluid intake increased to 3 liters/ the client to cough productively. day, use humidity to loosen secretions, suction airway to stimulate coughing.

What symptoms of pneumonia might the nurse expect to see in an older client?

Confusion, lethargy, anorexia, rapid respiratory rate. What should the O2 flow rate be for the client with COPD?

1-2 liters per nasal cannula, too much O2 may eliminate the COPD client’s stimulus to breathe, a COPD client has hypoxic drive to breathe.

How does the nurse prevent hypoxia during suctioning? Deliver 100% oxygen (hyperinflating) before and after each endotracheal suctioning.


During mechanical ventilation, what are three major nursing intervention?

Monitor client’s respiratory status and secure connections, establish a communication mechanism with the client, keep airway clear by coughing/suctioning. When examining a client with emphysema,
Barrel chest, dry or productive cough, what physical findings is the nurse likely to decreased breath sounds, dyspnea, crackles in see? lung fields.

What is the most common risk factor associated with lung cancer?


Describe the pre-op nursing care for a client
Involve family/client in manipulation of undergoing a laryngectomy. tracheostomy equipment before surgery, plan acceptable communication method, refer to speech pathologist, discuss rehabilitation program. List 5 nursing interventions after chest tube Maintain a dry occlusive dressing to chest tube insertion. site at all times. Check all connections every 4 hours. Make sure bottle III or end of chamber is bubbling. Measure chest tube drainage by

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