Emergency Evacuation Procedures and Eco

Topics: Emergency management, Emergency service, Public safety Pages: 4 (886 words) Published: September 11, 2008
Testing and Maintenance of Emergency Evacuation Procedures

ItemAction required & pass/fail
requirementFrequency of action
Monthly6 monthly12 monthly
Emergency plan INSPECT the emergency plan and check for relevancy to the facility.  Emergency
equipment INSPECT the emergency evacuation equipment and check for compliance with the emergency plan.  Emergency
procedures INSPECT the emergency procedures and test for relevancy to the facility by conducting an evacuation exercise for a nominated incident covered by the emergency procedures.  Training INSPECT training records and check for compliance with the emergency plan  Evacuation

exercise INSPECT evacuation exercise records and check for compliance with the emergency plan.  Emergency
(ECO) INSPECT the ECO list and check for compliance with the emergency plan. TEST the ECO for relevance to the facility by initiating an alarm and checking the response for compliance with the emergency procedures.

diagrams INSPECT the emergency response diagrams for relevancy and check for compliance with the emergency plan.  Assembly
areas INSPECT the nominated assembly area(s) and test for relevance to the facility and compliance with the emergency plan

Q2) Define Emergency control organization (ECO) and outline the primary roles and responsibilities of the 6 key personnel. An Emergency control organisation (ECO) is a ‘structured organization that will initiate an appropriate response to emergency situations.’ The primary role of members of the ECO is to ensure that life safety takes precedence over asset protection. Each officer in the ECO shall have clearly defined duties and responsibilities, as follows: (a) Chief Warden - on becoming aware of an emergency, the chief warden shall take the following actions: (i) Ascertain the nature of the emergency and determine appropriate...

Bibliography: AS 3745 Emergency control organization and procedures for buildings, structures and workplaces
AS/NZS 3003:2003 Electrical installations – Patient areas of hospitals, medical and dental practices and dialyzing locations
AS 1851.9—1997 Maintenance of fire protection Equipment Part 9: Delivery lay flat fire hose
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