Nt1330 2.3

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1.2 lists people who may have predominant responsibility for the Health & Safety in your setting. List the nominated fire officers if different from the health & safety representative. Are regular risk assessments carried out?
1.3 A risk assessment is identifying a hazard which may cause harm and doing everything possible to stop that hazard hurting anyone,
This is managed in the work setting by caring out a risk assessment. The risk assessment will include a list of any hazards, assessing the likelihood of the hazards posing a risk, estimating the severity of the consequences.

2.1 By having a safe but challenging environment is very important for children and young people; this is because it allows them to expand in their knowledge
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Fires sound the Alma, Evacuation the building Head count the children do not leave the children unattended

B security incidents there should never be any unauthorised person in a childcare setting .in my work setting we have an alert system if door are opened .any who does not work in setting and they should sign visitor book. Reporting the non-know persons and securing the area keeping the children safe

C Emergency incidents summoning help Giving clear instructions, evacuation procedures, reporting action take in regard to missing children
Making use all the other children are safe and with responsible adults
Making sure any external exits are secure
Informing the person in charge

4.1The child may complain to the teacher that they don’t feel well or they feel tired, the child’s appearance maybe they look tired, pale and worn out. Also the child may have a fever,

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